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Claire Summers, a young agent working for a secret U.S. government agency, finds herself way over her head when she is tasked with interviewing six "very" unique individuals.

Claire is given six days to interview these six individuals, who tell their version of a grand tale taking place in the roaring 20s, which she proudly names, Case File 17101118: The Black Hearted Mr. White.

NOTE: This series is written chronologically. You must start at season 1 episode 1

Feb 17, 2019

When WWI veteran, Malcolm White looks to retire in Sand Fort City after the war, he quickly becomes the talk of the town. His actions soon catch the attention of a well rounded British reporter, Peg Venice.

Join us in the 1920s in this very first episode of "The Black Hearted Mr. White!"

NOTE: This episode may contain...